Megalodon Rc Car Body PROLINE X SHREDDY


Megalodon Rc Car Body PROLINE X SHREDDY

Teamed up with the guys over at Pro-Line to bring you the Megalodon!!

Shred just like Blake Wilkey with your own Megalodon.

To create the most scale Megalodon possible, we recommend using Hyrax SCXL 2.2"/3.0" tires for that killer oversized look. Thrash your local bash spot with the new Megalodon body from Pro-Line and Shreddy Lyfe!

*This body requires extended body mounts for proper body fit on your Slash® 2wd*


  • Blake Wilkey Edition Megalodon Desert Buggy Black Body (1 pc)
  • Pre-Cut Wrap Graphics
  • Add-on rear Fenders & Side Wings
  • Fender & Side Wing Mounting Hardware


Tenacity Fit Info:

  • Here is what is need to make a TENACITY MEGALODON.

LED Cage Parts: Lasernut U4

  • Start by removing the rear bumper. (the wide part)
    LOS230079 LED, Cage Parts: ultra 4 (this is the actual parts needed, front bumper and front body mounts)