Shreddy X Heatwave Future Tech Crack/Black


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Unleashing Unrivaled Features:

  • Futuristic Frame Design: The Future Tech Crack/Black stands out with its aggressive, eye-catching profile that commands attention. Crafted for those who dare to lead, it combines form and function in a package that pushes the boundaries of what sunglasses can be.
  • Z87+ Rated Protection: Equipped with 2mm thick lenses and side shield protection, these sunglasses meet and exceed Z87+ standards right out of the box, offering unparalleled safety alongside impeccable style.
  • Superior Comfort and Grip: With rubberized Hytrel® touchpoints on both the nose and arms, enjoy a secure, non-slip fit that’s designed for all-day wearability. Whether you’re hitting the trails, the waves, or the streets, these sunglasses stay put, ensuring you stay focused.
  • Impact Resistant Lenses: The 1.9mm thick polycarbonate lenses are built to withstand Z87 mass impact standards, offering robust protection against whatever comes your way. Their injection-molded construction guarantees optimal clarity and resilience.
  • Integrated Side-Shields: For added lateral protection and to meet ANSI Z87+ requirements, the Future Tech Crack/Black features integrated side-shields, fortifying your vision against all elements.
  • Innovative Lens System: Change the game with the Push-Lock lens attachment system, allowing for quick and effortless lens swaps with no tools required. It’s the ultimate in versatility, ensuring you’re always ready for the changing conditions.

Specifications for the Trailblazers:

  • Premium Polarization: With high-quality polarizing filters, experience glare reduction and supreme clarity that elevates your visual experience to new heights, available in both polarized and non-polarized options.
  • UV400 Protection: Complete UVA/UVB protection ensures your eyes are shielded from harmful rays, making these sunglasses your go-to guardian against glare and damage.
  • Performance-Ready Fit: The dual-injected arms are designed low profile for compatibility with headwear, ensuring a snug fit under hats, helmets, and hearing protection without compromising on style or comfort.