Shreddy X Heatwave Lazer Face Buggy/Black



Shreddy x Heatwave Lazer Face Buggy/Black: The Ultimate Visionary Shield

Prepare to dominate the visual spectrum with the Shreddy x Heatwave Lazer Face Buggy/Black sunglasses. Merging Shreddy's unapologetic style with Heatwave's trailblazing technology, these sunglasses are not just accessories but essential gear for those who live life in the fast lane and aren't afraid to show it.

Features That Fuel Your Fire

  • Impact-Resistant Monoshield Lens: Dive into the action with confidence. The Lazer Face's 2mm thick mono shield lens is curved to perfection, offering unparalleled clarity and protection. Built for the rough and tumble of extreme lifestyles, it’s the only shield you’ll need against the elements.
  • All-Lens Aesthetic: With a sub-frame meticulously designed to sit behind the lens, the Lazer Face Buggy/Black creates an uninterrupted, all-lens look that commands attention and sets you apart from the pack.
  • Unshakable Fit: Equipped with Hytrel® rubber-like inserts, the nose piece ensures these shades stay locked to your face, no matter how hard you shred. It's comfort and stability you can count on, mile after breakneck mile.
  • Customizable Components: Every aspect of the Lazer Face is designed for the individualist. From the interchangeable lens to the replaceable nose piece and arms, every part can be customized to suit your unique style and needs.
  • Rubberized Hytrel® Touchpoints: The nose doesn’t just hold; it grips. With rubberized Hytrel® touchpoints, enjoy a non-slip fit that's comfortable enough for all-day wear, yet resilient against all the wear and tear you can throw at it.

A Statement in Speed and Style

  • Streamlined Design: The sleek, futuristic design of the Lazer Face is a nod to the racers and riders who push the limits of possibility. It's a declaration of speed, a testament to those who dare to lead, not follow.
  • Durable and Dynamic: Beyond their bold look, these sunglasses promise longevity. Hytrel® inserts offer resistance to chemicals, boosting the durability of your most trusted visual companion.
  • The Shreddy x Heatwave Signature: This collaboration is stamped with the essence of adventure. Wearing the Lazer Face Buggy/Black means you're part of an elite crew where risk is the currency, and style is non-negotiable.

Gear Up and Go

With the Shreddy x Heatwave Lazer Face Buggy/Black, you're not just prepared for the adventure—you are the adventure. Strap in and embrace the journey with the ultimate statement piece that's as relentless and fearless as you are.