Shreddy x PRP Seats  : Supreme Comfort and Safety on Every Adventure

PRP x Shreddy Collection, aims to deliver the best UTV and off-road vehicles seats, seat covers and accessories. Our collection is exclusively collaborated with PRP seats to ensure you get the unrivaled experience of Shreddy, whilst utilizing your favorite PRP products. All our products come with 100% backing from both PRP and Shreddy to guarantee the highest quality, including enjoyment guarantee from PRP.

Should you change your original seats?

The primary reason most UTV and off-road vehicle owners opt to change seats of their vehicles is due to various reasons, such as:

  • Narrow seats
  • Uncomfortable cushioning 
  • Low bolsters
  • Bad impact absorption 
  • Little to no suspension

The primary feature of our Shreddy x PRP Seats is that they are made to fix these troubling issues, our seats are crafted ideally to ensure they fit your body type and give an experience that is considerably better than that of stock seats. These seats deliver the promised experience. 

Shreddy Seat Covers

If you are a user of PRP Seats already, and also a shredder who would like to try out one of the famous Shreddy x PRP designs. We welcome you to check out some of our Shreddy Seat Covers for PRP. Our PRP Seat Covers are rad looking designs, that include Shreddy Branding, feature high quality vinyl material which lasts longer than PU or other related materials out there as well as offer an experience that will elevate your next Off-road adventure. 

Top Features of PRP Seats:

  • 7″ of side containment and a perfect 12° seating angle
  • Medium to low containment – side bolsters keep you secure in rough terrain but are still easy to get in and out of
  • Removable seat cushion – makes cleaning easier (select models)
  • Standard sand and mud drain – prevents fine debris, mud, and water from collecting on the seat
  • 5th point harness slot – compatible with stock harnesses (select models)
  • Large harness openings for easy seat removal
  • Quick release pull (for RZR)

Precision Builds

PRP Seats has been making suspension seats, and accessories for 25 years, and has always been made in America. The seating quality speaks for itself, The PRP x Shreddy collection features some of the highest quality building processes out there, which include: multi-density foam, marine-grade vinyl covers, vinyl-coated nylon suspension liners, and powder coated steel frames, designed exclusively for shredders who shred!

Dive Deeper into the PRP x Shreddy Collection

We welcome you to explore the exclusive PRP x Shreddy Collection, where every product is not just a purchase but a chapter in your adventurous tale. We welcome you to reach out to us if you have any questions about colors, features, usability or installation of your PRP Seat, Steering Wheel, Steering Wheel Covers or Seat Covers.