Adventurers, thrill-seekers, and wild hearts – welcome to your next level of epic. Shreddy isn’t just a brand; it’s a call to arms for those who live life full throttle and off the beaten path. We breathe the same adventure air you do, and that’s why we’ve hustled to bring you gear that’s ready to kick ass and take names. Dive deep with us as we unveil some of our most rad collaborations, delivering exclusive gear designed to amplify your outdoor experiences.

Custom Yeti Coolers: Chill Hard, Play Harder

Yeti Cooler Wrap Full View

Forget about lukewarm beverages and coolers that can’t keep up; Yeti Coolers are here to change the game. And with Shreddy’s custom wraps, we’re taking it to the next level. Available in sizes from the intimate Roadie to the party-ready Tundra 105, these cooler wraps are here to make a statement — the Yeti Custom Coolers statement. Rocking HD prints and durability that won’t quit, they’re about more than just cooling—they’re about making every outing a statement of your wild spirit. Choose your size, pick your style, and let the good times roll.

Rugged X Shreddy R1 Handheld Radio: Clear Skies, Clear Communication

Adventure waits for no one, and clear communication is your key to unlocking the full experience. The Rugged X Shreddy R1 Handheld Radio brings you twice the power of a regular walkie-talkie, ensuring that no matter how rough the terrain, your line to the world stays crystal clear. With its vintage design and dual analog-digital operation, this radio isn’t just a tool—it’s a companion. Power up, tune in, and let the adventure begin.

Alpha Composite Seat Shreddy™ + Prp: Elevate Your Ride


The road less traveled doesn’t always promise a smooth ride, but with the Alpha Composite Seat, you’ll hardly notice. Engineered for comfort, durability, and that splash of Shreddy style, it’s your ticket to a smoother journey. Choose from four vibrant colors and transform your vehicle into a throne fit for adventure royalty. It’s not just a seat; it’s an upgrade to first-class for every off-road escapade.

Dixxon Flannel: Wear Your Wild

Dixxon Flannel x Shreddy - Gen 5

Get ready to turn heads and own the scene with Dixxon Flannels. Crafted for those who live life on the edge, these flannels are your new adventure uniform. With premium quality, comfort, and a timeless design, they’re as ready for a mountainside trek as they are for a chill campfire session. Available for all genders and rocking a style that’s uniquely Shreddy, these flannels are your ticket to looking good in the wild.

Heat Wave Sunglasses: See the World, Shreddy Style

Heat Waves Sunglasses

Your adventure, your rules—and that includes how you see the world. With Heat Wave Sunglasses, you’re getting more than just eye protection; you’re getting a vision enhancer. From the beach vibes of the Vise Buggy/Black to the bold statement of the Lazer Face Buggy/Black, these shades bring clarity, durability, and undeniable style to your outdoor experience. Choose your color, pick your style, and see the world like never before.


Boxo Tools: Unleash Your Potential

In the wild, the right tools aren’t just handy—they’re essential. And with Boxo Tools, you’re getting the cream of the crop. Custom-designed for outdoor warriors and adventure junkies, these toolkits are your secret weapon for whatever the wilderness throws your way. From trail-side fixes to campsite setups, Boxo Tools are your trusty sidekick, ready for action.

Pro Eagle Jack: Lift Your Adventure Game

When the trail gets tough, the tough get a Pro Eagle Jack. In collaboration with Shreddy, we’ve created the 2 Ton Big Wheel Off Road Jack "The Beast"—a jack that’s as tough as you are, and twice as stylish. With its robust strength, durable construction, and custom Shreddy wrap, it’s ready to tackle any situation and look damn good doing it. Don’t just change a tire; make a statement.

Shreddy Lyfe: Live It, Love It, Wear It

We’re not just here to sell gear; we’re here to fuel your passion for adventure. At Shreddy, we understand the call of the wild because it’s in our blood too. Every product, every collaboration, and every piece of gear is a testament to the adventurous spirit that unites us all.

From Custom Yeti Coolers and Rugged Radios to Alpha Seats, Dixxon Flannels, Heat Wave Sunglasses, Boxo Tools, and Pro Eagle Jacks, we’ve got the gear to take your outdoor experiences to the next level. But it’s about more than just products; it’s about being part of a community that lives for the thrill, craves the unknown, and stops at nothing to explore every inch of this wild, wonderful world.
So, as you gear up for your next adventure, know that Shreddy is right there with you, fueling your passion, amplifying your experiences, and celebrating the wild ride that is life. Welcome to Shreddy Lyfe, where the adventure never ends, and the gear is as ready to rip as you are.

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