Rev up your headgear game with Shreddy's eclectic collection of Boonie Hats.

Each Boonie Hat in our arsenal is a tribute to those who live the Shreddy Lyfe — bold, unrestrained, and always ready for the next adventure. With a range of designs that go from wild patterns to understated classics, our Boonie Hats are the perfect crown for your outdoor escapades.

Wild Boonie Hat: A riot of color and print, this Boonie Hat is for those who live life loud. It's a call to the wild-hearted, an invitation to express your most vibrant self against the backdrop of nature or the concrete jungle.

Lurking Boonie Hat: Dark and brooding, the Lurking Boonie Hat is for the stealthy adventurers, the night owls who find their rhythm when the sun goes down. It's about making a statement that's felt, not just seen.

Stripes Boonie Hat: The Stripes Boonie Hat is a classic redefined, with clean lines that speak to the purists, the originals, the Shreddy pioneers of style and substance.

Key Features for Every Shreddy Boonie Hat:

Secure Fit with Adjustable Drawstring:

Because a Boonie Hat should only leave your head when you decide. Our drawstring keeps your hat firmly in place, letting you move with confidence.

Breathable Comfort:

Our Boonie Hats are designed to let your ideas breathe, just like your head. They're perfect for those endless days surfing the waves or shredding the trails.

Signature Shreddy Patch:

It's not just a hat; it's a flag. The Shreddy patch signifies your allegiance to a life less ordinary, to a brotherhood and sisterhood of thrill-seekers.

Our Boonie Hats are for every soul that finds peace in the chaos of adventure. Choose your favorite, slap it on, and step out. The world is your playground, and with a Shreddy Boonie Hat, you're ready to play.

Get Your Shreddy Boonie Hat and Join the Tribe