Shreddy Wrap Kit for Pro Eagle 3 Ton Big Wheel Off Road Jack "Kratos"

By Shreddy


When the wilderness calls, Shreddy and Pro Eagle answer with the "Kratos" 3 Ton Big Wheel Off-Road Jack – your ultimate sidekick in the unforgiving terrain of thrill-seekers. But it isn't just about functionality; it's about making a statement, and that's where the Shreddy Wrap Kit comes in. Transform your "Kratos" into a piece of art that screams "Thrash Everything" with every lift and supports your wild endeavors with every roll.

Bold in Black, Fearless in Function

Crafted for the extreme, this wrap kit isn't just a skin; it's your beast's battle armor. Adorned with the iconic Shreddy logo against a cracked black background splashed with electric teal, this kit is for those who make their own path – no matter how rugged.

Not Your Average Jack

Forget about the mundane. The "Kratos" doesn't just comply with standards; it defies them. Designed for the outback, for the dunes, and for the rocky paths where other jacks dare not tread. With 10 years of off-road abuse research and development behind it, "Kratos" is not just built tough; it's built for the untamed, and the Shreddy Wrap Kit is its crowning glory.

Unstoppable "Kratos" Features

  • Solid Axles and Large Wheels: Conquer sand, zip ties, and pebbles. No obstacle is too small, no terrain too tough.
  • Built-In Skid Plate: With "Kratos", even the jack itself is protected as it protects your adventures.
  • 8" Extension and Grab Handle: The reach you need with the convenience you deserve.
  • Distinctive Design: A Pro Eagle original that can't be converted, because why fit in when you're born to stand out?

Embrace the Monster

This jack, wrapped in Shreddy's rebellious spirit, is not just a tool; it's a statement. A declaration that while you're out there living life on the edge, your gear is as fearless as you are. The Shreddy Wrap Kit for the Pro Eagle "Kratos" isn't just for a jack – it's for a way of life that's all about power, resilience, and an insatiable appetite for adventure.

Are you ready to let the "Kratos" loose? With Shreddy, the journey never looked so good.