Shreddy X Heatwave Lazer Face Crack/Spectrum


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Chart a course into the spectrum of adventure with the Shreddy x Heatwave Lazer Face Crack/Spectrum sunglasses. These shades are not just a part of your gear—they're an extension of your persona. Combining Shreddy's daring designs with Heatwave's unparalleled craftsmanship, this pair is the epitome of extreme sports eyewear.

Spectacular Features for the Visionaries:

  • Ultimate Clarity: The Lazer Face® utilizes a 2mm thick, 6C base single lens, meticulously curved for a panoramic view of the world. Every sight, from the azure skies to the verdant trails, is seen with impeccable clarity.
  • All-Lens Architecture: With a sub-frame designed to support from behind, the Lazer Face® offers an uninterrupted, all-lens display. It’s not just eyewear; it’s a vision enhancer.
  • Unshakable Grip: The no-slip Hytrel® nose insert guarantees these sunglasses stay on your face through every twist and turn. Whether you’re flying down a hill or carving up a wave, your focus remains unbroken.
  • Replaceable Components: True to the ethos of both Shreddy and Heatwave, every piece of the Lazer Face®—from lens to arm—is replaceable, ensuring your sunglasses evolve with your adventures.
  • Resilient Comfort: Crafted from Hytrel®, the touchpoints on the nose are designed for all-day wear, offering a comfortable fit that's as resistant as it is relaxing.

Specifications That Speak to the Shredder's Soul:

  • Precision-Molded Lens: At 1.9mm thick, the polycarbonate lens meets Z80.3 impact standards, promising safety without sacrificing style or vision.
  • Polarized Perfection: The premium polarizing filters reduce glare, enhance clarity, and ensure that each view is as vivid as your adventures.
  • Complete UV Defense: UV400 rated, these lenses provide total UVA/UVB protection, safeguarding your vision from the harshest sunlight.
  • Certified Excellence: Adherence to Z80.3 standards reaffirms the commitment of Shreddy x Heatwave to deliver quality that matches your extreme lifestyle.