Shreddy X Heatwave XL Vise Crack/Black



FOR EVERY SHRED! Imposing Design, Impressive Features:

  • XL Impact: With an expansive mono shield lens, the XL Vise offers an unobstructed view of the world. It’s the grand canvas for your grandest escapades, wrapped in a sleek matte black frame that’s both striking and stealthy.
  • Signature Crack Aesthetic: The Crack/Black design is a celebration of contrast, of power that's not afraid to show its edge. It's Shreddy's radical spirit captured in every detail, making these shades the ultimate symbol of the shredder’s soul.
  • Engineered for Extremes: Born from the fusion of Shreddy's relentless pursuit of the extreme and Heatwave's mastery of eyewear innovation, the XL Vise is built to stand the test of the elements and the test of time.
  • Custom-Fit Comfort: Designed with the adventurer in mind, these sunglasses provide a comfortable fit that stays put whether you’re carving curves or conquering peaks. They are the gear you reach for when you're ready to push the limits.
  • Unwavering Assurance: We stand behind the unbeatable quality of the Shreddy x Heatwave XL Vise Crack/Black. If they don't meet your expectations, we'll make it right. Your satisfaction isn't just a promise—it's our pledge.